You rascally little squirrel…


Kinetic Art

This video blew my mind, guys. Apparently it only took the creator two weeks to build.


Missional v. Seeker Sensitive

Mark Driscoll has a knack for defining the difference between a market-driven church that conforms to culture and a missional church that seeks to change culture by translating timeless truth into language that the people of that culture can understand. (you can watch part two of this interview here )

The DaSeussi Code

…the world may never know for sure.

I guess the DaVinci Code fad is over with, but oh man does this follow the formula of all those exploitive “Behind the Code” documentaries:

1. Plug the book. (commercial)
2. The vast majority of scholars do not think Dan Brown’s theory has any validity. (commercial)
3. BUT this crazy person we found does. Let’s talk to him/her for an hour, shall we? (more commercials)
4. Conclusion: Gee, this is all so controversial. I guess will never know the real answers. (keep watching)

Hello Internet, how are you? (hello Kevin, I am tired)

Hello everyone. My name is Kevin and I am nesting myself in the internet. If you check on this blog, you will find rants on theology and comics and more. I have a comic, by the way, which you can find here. Read through the archive, why don’t you? It’s zany, I tell you.

And now for your amusement, laughing babies: