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See Christ Everywhere

Kallistos Ware(*UPDATE* I just discovered that my friend Maximos Greeson also recommended the lectures here.)

St. George Orthodox Cathedral has a long list of wonderful sermons and lectures. My favorite so far is a two-part lecture on prayer delivered by Bishop Kallistos Ware. You can download the Windows Media Player file of Session I here. and Session II here.


The Bones of Jesus Found!

Amazing Stories Remember that whole controversy about the special on the Discovery Channel revealing the tomb in which Jesus was buried?

Yeah, it’s kind of old news. However New Testament scholar Dr. Joseph Trafton shed some much needed light on the situation in an interview, here.

It’s definitely worth a listen (and only about ten-minutes long).

Nonviolent resistance v. Passivity

Rob BellI hope everyone had a merry Christmas. Today I listened to sermon by Rob Bell in which he addresses Jesus’ teachings on love for enemies. Bell argues that when Jesus taught his followers to turn the other cheek, he was not encouraging mere passivity, but was introducing an oppressed people to means of subversive and creative, nonviolent resistance. According to Bell, Jesus was not merely telling people to be “nice” to their oppressors—Jesus was empowering people to force oppressors to confront their own cruelty. You can download the sermon here.