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Sketchbook 3: Schemer


Pensive Swirls 5: Nature

The adventures of Poe and Thoreau continue.

Sketchbook 2: Sneeeking

Blessing of the Waters–Theophany

Hunter Wilson/Daily News

Hunter Wilson/Daily News

My church (Holy Apostles Orthodox Mission) was featured in a local news article, covering our celebration of Theophany. If nothing else, please check out the slideshow presentation, which includes some stunning audio and images!

Sadly, I couldn’t attend this service, since I was working.   Next year.

Pensive Swirls 4: St. Nicholas

This brief but informative biography was composed by one of the most accomplished story-tellers at Holy Apostles Orthodox Mission.  For further details regarding the life of St. Nicholas (from whom the Santa Claus legends are derived), let me refer you here.

Sketchbook 1: Twitchy

I’m going to start posting sketches and doodles in between comics.   I drew this on MSpaint.


c'mon, brush'm

Beloved children's icon gets serious about oral hygiene.